At Studio 522 we are reimagining the salon experience...

A far cry from factory-floor bustle, we believe that walking into our warm, intimate loft in Chelsea should feel like being welcomed into our home. The art-covered walls and sun-soaked space help any city-induced stresses melt away, so that you can feel totally at ease and open – the ideal conditions for discovering the perfect 

expression of your individual look.  

We carefully listen to each client to understand how you naturally express yourself, from your lifestyle to your movements to your energy, so that your hair becomes a natural, effortless extension of who you are and how you want to move through the world.

Because true beauty is rich and deep and pervasive – it’s not just something you see in the mirror, it’s something you feel in your bones. It is our mission to help you tap into your own beauty so deeply that you feel it radiate through everything you do: how you dress, your smile, the way you talk. And of course, the way you feel.

This is why we approach each client with care, precision, and intuition – we want to discover what is true and timeless for you, not just a cookie-cutter version of the latest trend. We help uncover your look, the one that is truest and most inspiring for who you are – and equally important, easy to recapture at home. 

Antonio Soddu & Lauren Paglionico

About Antonio and Lauren

Antonio Soddu

Antonio Soddu is a highly sought after hairstylist who caters to many high-profile clients in the film and theater world. Born in Milan, Italy, Soddu began his career designing wigs for La Scala and traveling the world as an ambassador for L’Oreal. Then, in 1979, Soddu co-founded the iconic Bumble & Bumble salon. A decade later he went on to open The Spot but yearned for working in an environment that would allow him to fully bring together both of his passions - art and hairstyling. Soddu is best known for his assured, freeform haircuts that exude an unforced urban edge.  Soddu asserts that “haircutting for me is like sculpting.” For Soddu, his work is his art.

Lauren Paglionico

 Lauren Paglionico is known as a master hair colorist and blonde expert. Paglionico has experience working in New York City's top salons such as John Barrett at Bergdorf Goodman and Warren Tricomi at both The Plaza Hotel and Madison Avenue. She is also the former co-founder of LAUREN+VANESSA.  Lauren is dedicated to helping her clients unveil their true beauty — from the inside out. Her approach begins with an in- depth consultation to discover who her client is - not just the look she desires. Lauren uses her artistic and insightful knowledge of color to emphasizes the natural beauty of celebrities, models, fashion editors, and all women aspiring to look and feel their best. 

Our Team

Irving Ramirez

Enraptured by high fashion and beauty at a young age, Irving's calm demeanor and passion for hair compliments his craft. While you'll want to book him to experience his signature Red Carpet hairstyling skills, you can also guarantee a killer haircut too. In addition to his salon work, Irving is requested by Brides-To-Be and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Brooke Shields and Dascha Polanco to name a few.

Nicolette Rauchut

Nicolette Rauchut is a hair stylist, extension specialist and the co-founder of Juliette Co Accessories. Rauchut trained under Edward Tricomi, the co-founder of the renowned Warren Tricomi salon where she learned the art of precision dry haircutting. Whether you desire a simple dusting or a complete style overhaul, Nicolette Rauchuts ability to empower women with hair that is sexy and feminine truly is a gift.

Jessica Swanson

Jessica Swanson is a hair color specialist who finds inspiration from naturally sun-kissed, multidimensional hair. Swanson began her training with the Warren Tricomi team in 2010 and also trained under Lauren Paglionico, the founder of LRN BEAUTY. Jessica uses a versatile color palette as well as the latest techniques all while maintaining the integrity of the hair. Catch Jessica at Studio 522 on Saturday’s!